1. hun xue er's Avatar
    i just bought odin yesterday, and when i first checked it (touchscreen, etc), seems no problem at all...

    but today, i just realized that something wrong in the screen if i pressed it.

    if i hold my odin in my hand and use it, it seems no problem at all.
    but if put my odin (i want to use it in the bed before sleep) and didn't hold it in my hand, the screen was hard to press..!!!! i put it in the bed and only use my 2 fingers without holding it, and the screen became hard to press... specially 4 buttons in the bottom.

    i try to put it in the table, and it did hard to press.. but if i grab and hold my odin in my hand, the screen was normal..! WTF?!?!?!?

    i don't know why.. @[email protected]

    did anyone know this???? what should i do??? help me please........

    my OS is the latest official VZW..
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    05-14-10 09:40 PM
  2. ducstorm's Avatar
    what the heck???
    05-14-10 11:32 PM
  3. Jake Storm's Avatar
    It's common. Just hold it in your hand.
    05-15-10 12:15 AM
  4. kb5zht's Avatar
    Shame on you guys for what you are thinking.

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    05-15-10 06:28 AM
  5. Tiguere's Avatar
    Does your odin get hard even when you don't touch it? Its pretty common with a young update

    Now we have a good mature update and your odin shouldn't get stiffed often like it was back in the day.

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    05-15-10 12:31 PM
  6. chuckh0308's Avatar
    So that's what kids these days are calling it!

    OP, what you are experiencing is normal. The phone needs to be grounded in order for the screen to work normally. It doesn't get a good ground sitting on the bed; you have to hold it in your hand or at least touch it somewhere besides the screen.

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    05-15-10 02:17 PM
  7. Valace2's Avatar

    thats funny.

    they need to codename their next bb the rob shneider.
    05-15-10 02:35 PM