1. racca's Avatar
    every time i do an upgrade/downgrade without manual intervention it will brick my storm

    it just wont start up with usb connected hence i have to pull it out while it reboots and put it back towards the end of rebooting.

    which by the way confirms that there's no point doing a wipe before upgrading and then simply put all you backups(app and settings) since if you unplug storm during the first reboot it shows error 507 and plug it back in you can continue upgrading.
    by wiping fist you simply changed the sequence from upgrade system->wipe java->reload java->restore settings to wipe java->upgrade system->reload java->restore app/settings(manually) of course if you don't do the restore it is probably better but then i don't see the difference between this and simply don't backup/restore in apploader

    ps. i did the fix in http://forums.crackberry.com/f132/wi...dinian-195757/ , i did the steps only to find out it was my prefered setting via tp power manager anyway.

    pps. it worked on my vista x64 but not on 7 x86
    05-22-09 03:22 AM