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    Now that the official update is out, I have few questions. I am sure these have been beaten to death on here, so my apologies up front.. Coming from 75 as I am a mac user and never downloaded any of the leaked versions, there are a few things that I did with everyones recommendations and input etc, such as some things to enhance speed etc.. Now that I was able to download the official version last night, what would you suggest/recommend to make my storm run fast. Things like E911 and how that should be set? The typing mode to speed things up? How do I find the java settings on the new OS and what should that be set to again? would you suggest trashing verizon navigator to add speed. With the exception of a FEW things, my storm still lags, I still have to do several Quick pulls, I still get the white bar that was promised would go away with this. Not to totally gripe here, but like I said this does not really seem to be that different then 75.. I did notice longer batter life though.. Any things to get/gain some speed with this would be appreciated... I am not running much on here at all. Things like pandora, quick pull, poynt and that is really about it... Thanks EVERYONE
    06-01-09 05:06 PM
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    This thread is very helpful:

    Actually, the entire HowTo/FAQ's sub-forum will give you some good advice.

    It takes some time and numerous tweaks but eventually you will figure out what works best for you. The Storm is fantastic if you take the time to customize it to your own preferences.

    Good luck.
    06-01-09 05:25 PM