1. Thomas271973's Avatar
    ....I would like to see a Mod take over EVERY "Findings Only" thread.

    Like this........ OS Findings Only! READ 1st POST!

    And then proceed to instruct like this......

    This thread is for OS findings ONLY. IF YOU POST "Oooooh I'm downloading it right now." or "I can't wait to install." or "I'm at 34%." or "It's downloading sooooooo slow, OMFG." YOU WILL GET BANNED!!!!! DO NOT POST TRASH IN THE FORUMS!!!!

    Well, I'm not a Mod and it won't happen, but they could at least delete the trash, please. Pretty please. I don't like reading 19 pages of noob garbage posts to find out if there's an evil downfall to the lastest OS. Make a new thread called

    "Left over garbage typed by people that can't follow instructions and can't read good, but want to learn to read good and do other things good too."
    02-11-09 09:49 PM