1. BBkid18's Avatar
    i got a blackberry storm a few months ago and there really hasnt been many problems but today my texting was laging a little bit like when i pressed a letter it would show up late and there were white patches on my screen so i did a batery pull now when my screeen goes dark or im just not using it alot it goes black but you can see a little light kind of in the back but when you click the screen nothing happens press power and unlock nothing does anyone else have this problem? and wow once again when im typing this message screen goes black cant click anything please help!
    08-11-09 02:41 PM
  2. pkcable's Avatar
    Could be a hardware issue and you may want to ask Verizon for a warranty replacement. Also the folks over in the Storm Forum may have some more idea, and I will transfer this thread to there.
    08-11-09 02:44 PM
  3. BBkid18's Avatar
    thanks it seems to be getting better with all the batery pulls i do but i still dont want it to happen again
    08-11-09 02:55 PM
  4. pkcable's Avatar
    Click on Options, then About and then tell me what on the 3rd line v4.7.0 etc what are the last 2 or 3 digits? If you are version .75 we need to get you upgraded to .148 (the latest verizon), or .151 (a later version from another carrier that many prefer)
    08-11-09 03:05 PM
  5. BBkid18's Avatar
    sorry it may take a second it just reboted it self once again but when ever im texting theres malfunctions in the keyboard and the screen
    08-11-09 03:07 PM
  6. BBkid18's Avatar
    platform is that ok? or upgrade needed?
    08-11-09 03:19 PM
  7. BBkid18's Avatar
    ahahaha im sorry my bad no its .148
    08-11-09 03:21 PM