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    Got a super stilish storm from few days , unluckily not everything is heaven here ..

    1. can't get sms/mms right "sent time" when I start the pda in the morning, just received messages time are the time the storm receive them instead ( that is when I turn it on ) . First phone that do this in my life .

    2.battery is this true ? I can't do a little music / video / play etc, it will ast lil more the one day ..

    3. messaged , how do i type them in a NORMAL time ? maybe only me but large fingers base means many mystyping on the storm at least ( lil less on iphone .. )

    4.music quality -> Very good in the beginning, very nice 3.5 jack to get in whatever the hphones you like , built in amplifier (!)
    BUT IF BATTERY DROP IT BECOMES HORRIBLE fuzzy . scratchy . Just Incredible .

    5. last but not least , can't load lot of audio/video formats , can't even find a good player to run them , used to use tcmpmp that was just capable of all , now feel stepped back in the past with this .. isn't this supposed to be a BB multimedia phone ? ? ? ? ? ?

    6. reception is not over the top

    all in all should be for a modern phone pda


    sorry for the rant . I thought missing wifi was the one thing
    maybe coming from an htc is not fair .. don't know

    Phone is very stilish and beautiful , but still lot of problems ..

    thanks for answers .
    05-12-09 03:54 AM
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    Try a different OS. Sounds more like h/w issues than the device itself. Go grip to the retailer, if your within your 30 days, exchange it. Using media doesn't seem to be a battery drainer for me. I can listen to an entire ball game and use other media, and still have plenty left by the end of the day.
    05-12-09 08:34 AM
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    I have noticed the same thing with my storm battery. Mine does not last more than a day, i do listen to music a little bit but what really drains mine i think is my bluetooth. I use it for about2-4 hours every night and usually sometime during that i have to put it on my dock, and if i dont, then i have top do it right afterword. And sometimes i have noticed if i do not talk on my phone at night, I will have at least half a battery left, so it really all depends. I am usually using my storm all day, once i get out of school that is.
    05-12-09 08:37 AM
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    the more I read around the more I feel this phone is a loss in every way .
    Just the style and big screen is beautiful , but HOW can it be this mmedia-pro pda can't run multiformat audio/video , and has the aforementioned issues ( big ones ) .. ..
    I don't think a new sft release will address all this .. just the phone has born wrong ..

    for the music issue , just try to run music @ high volume through decent headphones when battery low , you 'll see the volume doesn't run up and the music sounds much worse ( soem sort of autoleveling or bad replaygain flatten the volume so that the song sounds same volume everywhere .. ) ,,,,, ,, , , , ,
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    05-13-09 05:46 AM
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    .141 hybrid is better ?
    i have 131 installed and what i read around is that is the best so far ..
    05-13-09 05:50 AM
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    05-14-09 12:56 PM