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    so id say about 85% of the time after i disconnect from my computer for transfering music, pictures, videos, and the phone scans the card for whats on there, it wont pull up all the music files. it always finds the movies and pics, but it usually only finds 150 of the 600 or so songs i have on there. anyone else getting this?

    usually ill have to connect back to the comp and disconnect 1-2 times for it to find them all. once it finds em its great, but sometimes i forget to check if its got them all, jump in my car, and only have half of my music.

    anyone have a fix for this, or a way for the phone to rescan the card without hooking back up to the computer and disconnecting, so i can get the rest of my songs out on the road?

    should i try moving the music off and reformating the card? i will but i got a ton of stuff on there so it would be a pain. what do you guys think?
    02-03-09 05:20 PM
  2. ArmaK's Avatar
    I have seen this problem come up before when I was using OS .75. After adding songs to my media card using mass storage mode, the storm would do a scan but only add 1774 of the 2011 songs that I have on the media card. What I would do is remove the card from the device and insert it back into the device. What I would notice was that it would scan quickly to 1774 and then slowly continue scanning til it had all 2011 songs added. As of updating to .86 and currently .99, I didn't experience this problem anymore.

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    02-03-09 08:26 PM
  3. Rooster's Avatar
    After you disconnect from you puter and lauch the media player, a white scanning bar, very easy to overlook, will start and search the SD card & the onboard mem card for files. If you hit any button (pic, rings, music) it will auto cancel the serach thus resulting in files not showing.

    You can two things here:

    1. reboot
    2. use bb button explore to open your media file.
    02-03-09 08:40 PM