1. Yngwie77's Avatar
    Used to have no problem getting my hotmail emails on my Storm...then a few months I started not getting them for hours and then they'd all be delivered at once. My regular hotmail account would get them but my phone wouldnt. Anyone know why....I use hybrid OS's and finally got fed up so i wiped and reinstalled the newest one by Lyrical but still right now its happening....mostly happens in day...from like 8am to 3pm i get no emails...then get like all 30 in one shot...any clue?
    05-28-10 08:22 AM
  2. Krypto's Avatar
    Try deleting your hotmail account from your phone via the Email Settings app or via your carrier's BIS site. You can then set up the account again. This should resolve your problem.

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    05-28-10 11:10 AM
  3. DUKDIKz's Avatar
    yea,,,juz delete it...and add it again...it happened to me B4
    05-28-10 12:08 PM
  4. Krypto's Avatar
    I should also add that there was a BIS email problem yesterday which could explain the problem from yesterday.
    05-28-10 02:51 PM