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    I have a storm and for some reason I cant get my emails. I called Verizon and they did some tests and did send me two emails that did make it through. For some reason though I cant get my home emails. Today I checked my home email account and there were five new emails but none on my storm Any Ideas?
    02-07-09 02:04 PM
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    Try resending service books again. Did vzw send you an email to your blackberry email account and not your home email accounts?
    02-07-09 02:14 PM
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    Since I did not get an email on my home account from vzw I guess they sent it to just the storm. I did not realize that I had different email account? I just thought it linked to my home account. Vzw said they sent the service books.
    02-07-09 02:24 PM
  4. satalite's Avatar
    Did you goto:


    And set up your home email accounts there to be pushed to you phone?
    02-07-09 02:26 PM
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    I had been getting my home stuff since I got the storm in Nov. It is just over the past week that I am not getting the emails.
    02-07-09 02:32 PM
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    Okay I had the same issue. After talking to VZW and RIM I think the issue has been corrected.

    What type of account are you using? If it is Gmail there have been some issues please call VZW. If not then try the following.

    1. Make sure you e-mail account does not have thousands of e-mails. Clean that sucker out if it does. When you have large numbers of e-mails 1000+ it can cause issues with the BIS. Try to get it to as small as you can. I understand I keep everything...
    2. Perform a PRL update on your phone by dialing *228 and listen to press 2.
    3. Once the programming is complete reset the device if you have quick pull then it is easy otherwise pull your battery and replace after 20 seconds.
    4. Let the phone boot up.
    5. Go into your e-mail settings and hit the blackberry key, then select service books. This will send the info.
    6. (This is a step not many have mentioned on the forums) Go into Options and select Advanced Options, Select Host Routing table then hit the blackberry key and select Register now.

    You will receive two service messages.

    You should be up and running in 20 minutes - 8 hours depending on how many e-mails you cleared out.
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    02-07-09 02:37 PM
  7. quickmedic1's Avatar
    Thanks for the info. As it stands now....

    I have cleared all my inbox emails from my home system. I have only two saved on the storm. Did 228 and service books yesturday with verizon, Did the battery pull just now. Did the registration. I got one message that registration was completed.
    02-07-09 02:53 PM
  8. quickmedic1's Avatar
    I went to my email account and resent an email to myself.......wait..I Just heard a DING!...Son of a #$%@! it WORKED!

    Thank You!!
    02-07-09 02:56 PM
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    The messages could just be delayed from being received. I noticed that if I send a message to my 3 different email accounts (verizon, blackberry and gmail), that they receive them at different times. The gmail receives it within seconds, the verizon receives it within a minute and the blackberry receives it within 3 minutes.

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    02-07-09 03:19 PM