1. gkviper192's Avatar
    I have a storm with the latest software the typing just is not up to par and we now the software is still not very fast. I am looking at the diamond and the touch pro.. pleae give any insight on these phones and how they compare in software speed and typing ability.. thanks.. btw do the htc phones get software updates as well?

    thanks.. not complaining about the storm i just am looking for some advice
    05-14-09 12:15 PM
  2. flowers74's Avatar
    Your best bet would probably to go to the official HTC website and get the information on the phones your inquiring about there...
    05-14-09 12:19 PM
  3. gkviper192's Avatar
    i just am asking for anyone with any personal experience on how the UI of each phone compare..
    05-14-09 12:25 PM
  4. olta777's Avatar
    See may be if there are forums on those on CB???? I am sure people have tried them....also the best thing would be is to try those yourself, as people have different opinions and different tastes. Good luck.
    05-14-09 12:31 PM
  5. John Yester's Avatar
    Might want to ask here.

    05-14-09 12:34 PM
  6. kinggeoff's Avatar
    have you tried killing off the spell checker and auto correct? that turned the tide for my typing
    05-14-09 12:40 PM