1. snowedin3's Avatar
    After I update my OS.. I have all my SMS and contacts .. and everything.. but my messages folder is empty. Is there something stupid I'm doing or is this normal for everyone else? Maybe I dont have a DM option selected? I make sure to do a backup before the upgrade.

    Thanks for the support.
    02-22-09 02:37 PM
  2. howardb's Avatar
    Not if you are backing them up and restoring them properly...
    02-22-09 02:41 PM
  3. snowedin3's Avatar
    thanks, if i do reconcile, should it bring them back?
    02-22-09 02:50 PM
  4. jackattacck's Avatar
    It's normal for me. Every time I upgrade, I get an error when backing up messages.

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    02-22-09 04:34 PM
  5. snowedin3's Avatar
    everything seems to run smoothly for me.. but then i look.. and no email messages. then i load the backup.. i get all my sms back and everything.. but still no email! urgh.
    02-22-09 04:56 PM