1. felipecol4's Avatar
    my BB storm doesn't tell me when i have received a new text msg. the LED light comes up as well as my ringer but the screen stays black or on the app im using at the time but no pop-up alert shows who textd me.... is this normal?? or is there a way to make it so that it lets me know who textd me?[/B]
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    11-25-08 04:43 PM
  2. Jeremy1#WN's Avatar
    It's normal on all BlackBerries, period. That's just how they've always worked.
    11-25-08 04:54 PM
  3. darkreve's Avatar
    My BB-8830 just vibrated and dinged.. it just shows an envelop on the top.. thats a normal thing with BB..

    cheers.. 8)
    11-25-08 05:03 PM
  4. felipecol4's Avatar
    thanks guys ....its my 1st BB so im just getting use to it and so far i have no complaints about this fone ..its def. an iphone killer
    11-25-08 05:06 PM
  5. Sooks's Avatar
    Normal..... lol...
    11-25-08 05:08 PM