1. jrod82's Avatar
    I've been reading the OS forum today. I was just wondering the potential dangers that may be associated with using "Unofficial" or "Beta" software.

    For example, in my PC tinkering days. I would modify my video cards, and other componets with different BIOS settings (BIOS for those that don't know are kinda like a OS for hardware). If there was a problem or I loaded the wrong BIOS it could deem the hardware inoperable and void the warranty pretty much leaving me SOL. Are the same risks associated with loading a unofficial OS to the Storm?

    I guess I'm basicly asking what are the risks of upgrading to a Beta OS? Voiding of warranty, risk of permenant damage, etc..??
    02-13-09 02:32 PM
  2. bigman2's Avatar
    There's very little risk of any permanent damage being done to the device. You have to really put your mind to it to truly brick a BB.

    I think technically it will void your warranty, but the odds of anyone at Verizon actually checking are slim, and you can just load .75 (or whatever the latest official release is) on before sending it in. RIM techs might be able to figure out what you've done, but odds are that's not why you had a replacement phone sent, so it's no big deal.
    02-13-09 02:38 PM
  3. Hairbear1954's Avatar
    I have been doing OS upgrades and downgrades for years on my Pearl, Curve and now Storm. I don't consider myself to be a computer geek, but I also am not total ignorant of computer/cell phone things.

    That being said, the worse I have ever done to my phone (remember this is just my personal experience), is that I completely wiped out all my applications and data I had loaded on my phone. If you backup your data and apps you can always restore them in the event they do not reload. So, caution is always suggested, but following the instruction completely will get you through.

    Voiding a warranty is always a chance you take, but I buy and sell phone so much I hardly ever worry about a warranty. Phones come and phones go!!
    02-13-09 02:43 PM
  4. alan8385's Avatar
    The leaked OS's are more like Windows than BIOS. The hardware should continue to function even if the install of an OS is botched. There's a whole thread on recovering a nuked BB, so I can't see there being too much danger involved.

    I also have been doing upgrades to betas for sometime now and the only thing was i lost all my personal data at one point like that guy^^^
    02-13-09 02:48 PM
  5. BAN5150's Avatar
    There's very little danger in doing it, just follow the instructions, make sure you back up your data.
    02-13-09 02:54 PM
  6. jrod82's Avatar
    Thank you for the fast responses, they just validated my assumtions but I asked anyway to get additonal feedback.

    Like stated before, I'm no strager when it comes to this kind of stuff and I've always enjoyed it. Just something about it that excites me. With computers it had a lot to due with saving money (why buy the superior version of said video card when I can make this one think it "is" that card), but tinkering is always fun and I enjoy a challenge.

    To be honest though, at this time I really don't have any major complaints about the version OS (.75) my Storm shipped with. I guess my only beef (which I read is common) is with the camera and how it operates. I'm just glad I hardly use cell phone cameras or I'd be pissed.

    Any way, I'll be around these forums for a while now that I finally got my BB.
    02-13-09 02:57 PM