1. xxraffyxx's Avatar
    I have a jawbone II and I love how good it cancels out background noise, so I was really hopeful the noise cancellation feature would work on a cellphone. The Jawbone uses a sensor nub and will "feel" your voice and the storm uses two different speakers to distinguish what is your voice and what is background noise.

    WOW!!! it works great!!! give it a try call someone and have some music playing in the back ground. and ask them if they could hear you loud and clear.. then ask them if they could hear the music playing in the background... Id say it works better then the jawbone

    Of course if your music is insanely loud I wouldnt think it would work.
    11-22-08 11:49 PM
  2. sarfrazfamily's Avatar
    Do you have kids?
    11-22-08 11:50 PM
  3. xxraffyxx's Avatar
    Do you have kids?
    ???? why

    But no kids
    11-22-08 11:53 PM