1. CP2#CB's Avatar
    Hey folks - first time post. I had my Storm from factory .75 (just got it Wednesday) to .83 and updated to .85 last night. Everything seemed to go very smoothly and the phone has been working well since then.

    I hadn't used the media player until just a few minutes ago when I noticed that the volume rocker button isn't controlling volume anymore, but going forward/back through my playlist. There is seemingly no available way to revert back to using that as the volume.

    Is this a feature option I missed? Has anyone else seen this issue?

    12-28-08 12:14 PM
  2. DonNguyen's Avatar
    are you holding down or tapping the rocker button?
    12-28-08 12:15 PM
  3. BADIC's Avatar
    It is on mine.... try a battery pull. Mine wasn't ringing period til i did one. Now all's good.
    12-28-08 12:20 PM
  4. CP2#CB's Avatar
    It happens whether just pressing or holding the buttons. I did a shutdown & battery pull and it's still doing it afterwards. Seems like it'd be some sort of configuration somewhere - is there any options to change what the button assignments are?
    12-28-08 12:29 PM
  5. CP2#CB's Avatar
    ...nevermind. I got it, finally. It seems it thought I was holding it down - the buttons are more sensitive than I recall them being previously. If I just barely tap it it'll control the volume.
    12-28-08 12:36 PM
  6. galindo62's Avatar
    Ice heard of this before but it hasn't happened toe before. I do have problem though. When I'm playing mUsic it doesn't show which artist is playing or anything just shows the play and pause buttons

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    12-28-08 12:37 PM
  7. galindo62's Avatar
    I was just checking my media player and I have the same problem as you now IF I'm in portrait
    Mode but if I'm in landscape mode it works fine

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    12-28-08 01:45 PM
  8. JRSCCivic98's Avatar
    Quickly tap the volume buttons to change the volume, hold it down to skip back and forth through the playlist. Does anyone ever read the damn manuals before they post on here bashing stuff because they don't know how to use something. Geez man!
    12-28-08 03:18 PM