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    I searched this topic and my question has not been answered in the few threads listed on this forum.

    I have a storm 2 runnin on verizon. I had to replace it but it was shipped to my parents in the states and they shipped it to me in mexico without activating it on verizon network. I go to Med school in mexico so im international and out of the reach of verizons network. therefore, I cant dial *228 to activate my phone or register HRTs. I must be on verizon network to do this. I managed to program the necessary info for voice and text by dialing ##000000 and manually inputting the info. However, I was wondering if anyone knows about any way to manually enter the HRTs to register my device on the blackberry network. Verizon has all my new info...they updated my pin on the blackberry network. Just wondering if its possible to manually download them.

    things to consider: I tried sending HRTs, it says registration message sent, but I never get the message. My new sim has been manually registered with verizon and I have the international data plan. My phone is currently running voice and text, just no data at all. Im not missing the browser icon, however, I dont have email settings icon. I can still access this via setup wizard and when i do under email setup it only shows "I want to use a work email account with a BlackBerry Enterprise Server".

    Anyone have an idea?
    Thanks in advance.
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