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    Everything on my unlocked Blackberry storm 9530 works but email. I have a blackberry plan and have been trying to access the .bis website from tmobile for the past 4 days. On the phone it says that the website cannot be viewed from my phone. On the desktop, i log in and there is an error. When I try to go to email setup and choose "create new or existing email" it takes me to the tmobile browser. Now please dont direct me to how to get all features working cause it aint gonna work. I have done all the features working and wiped the phone and did it again and im back at square one with this phone. Unless the service books arent being sent, in which case do i need to call tmobile? I have the blackberry web plan for 19.99. I dont understand why i cant access the site. I just want to see the fully functionality of this phone Thanks
    03-29-09 11:06 AM
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    03-31-09 10:53 AM
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    If you cant login in from the BIS site from a desktop, are you sure the site is fully functional?
    03-31-09 10:55 AM
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    look for the how to thread. you need to do a few things before you can use the web/internet features
    03-31-09 11:09 AM
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    sorry i hadnt been on for awhile....to the first reply...Im sure it is but im thinking its because i never had a tmobile blackberry just the storm one..not sure why I cant login definitely have the package though.

    To the second post, that answer is specifically the reason I put it is not that because I have access to everything but email and if that was the case when i went to set up email, it wouldnt take me to the internet, it would say i had no connection and try again. I have everything working EXCEPT blackberry email. It will not take me to set it up. Now if I had corporate blackberry to setup with exchange or something, that one takes me to setup screen.

    Main Problem: when i go to set up blackberry email, it takes me to the tzones main page. ???? Not sure what to do but go back to my Iphone.
    04-05-09 01:15 PM
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    Make sure all of your stuff matches up from this thread:


    Then go here and set it up:

    04-05-09 01:34 PM