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    I have a blackberry storm running on tmobile..A few days ago my data service stopped working, when I tried to send a text or use the browser I would get an sos signal so I called tmobile and these are the steps they gave me to fix it. THEY DID NOT WORK FOR ME...BUT they might work for some people.

    To switch to GSM / EDGE from the default setting of 1X/EVDO, proceed as follows:

    Go to Menu.
    Select Options.
    Then go to and tap Mobile Network.
    Tap Network Technology.
    Next to Network Technology change the option from global or any other setting to GSM / UMTS.
    Next to Network Mode change the option to 2G.
    Register the device and initiate the download of service books:

    Scroll to and select Options.
    Select Advanced Options.
    Select Host Routing Table.
    Press the Menu key.
    Select Register Now.

    Service Books

    Log in to MyT-Mobile from your desktop.
    Set the phone model to BlackBerry 8800 from T-Mobile.
    Click the link Set up BlackBerry Internet E-mail.
    Enter in the PIN and IMEI number.
    Note: To view this information - Scroll to and select Options and then select Status.
    Enter a valid email address and password. (Optional - If skipping this step press cancel.)
    On the left column select Service Books.
    Send Service Books

    Clear the network status:

    Remove the battery to device and sim card.
    Wait approximately one minute.
    Insert the battery and power on the device.
    Check the device APN:

    Scroll to and select Options.
    Select Advanced Options.
    Select TCP.
    APN: epc.tmobile.com
    Username: <Blank>
    Password: <Blank>
    Save Settings.
    Enable the browser:

    Scroll to and select Options.
    Select Advanced Options.
    Scroll to and select Browser Settings
    Set all browser settings to T-Mobile (When Available)

    If on the first attempt you cannot access the browser, remove the battery and sim card for one minute, then reassemble the phone.

    Hope they help!!
    06-04-10 07:59 PM