1. Pontio's Avatar
    Hi guys!
    My phone went crazy and stopped getting reception and even when it said it had it still didnt or would go back to sos when i tried to use it. drove me crazy a few days so then i thought i would load a different os on there, tried a few, now on .580.
    Phone works great but same problem.... However! i found that i would only have this problem when the phone showed 3G coverage and as it is prefered it was mainly on that so i changed to 2g network and i now have reception as i should.

    Any ideas as to why this is happening? i am using a 9500 on vodafone (uk)
    Thanks for any help
    04-19-10 03:30 PM
  2. Stubbo's Avatar
    I get this as well, storm 9500 but on orange

    3G and berries show but data connection just locks for 1 or 2 minutes intermittently then will carry on! Still happens on GPRS but nowhere near as much!

    I've just assumed its a hardware fault and because i have no warranty i just have to live with it!
    04-19-10 03:52 PM
  3. BBThemes's Avatar
    try a new sim card (but this could also be signal dependant)

    also if your on vodafone uk and your sim doesnt start 89410003 then ya really do need a new one wether your having this issue or not, as the 3 means its a new style sim (better 3G and holds 250 not 200 contacts also)
    04-19-10 04:04 PM
  4. Pontio's Avatar
    when i had it on 2g+3g it would only work when on gprs or edge, 3g on the screen just failed any calls or didnt send messages so manually selected 2g now and always works but obviously i can not benefit from 3g...

    my sim starts 894410003, is that ok?
    04-19-10 05:58 PM
  5. Pontio's Avatar
    Any1?? i need help..
    btw this new os im using is fantastic. battery lasts twice as long and phone is very quick..
    04-20-10 03:16 PM