1. Gilrock's Avatar
    I had just finished level 99 yesterday and last night I did a sync with the Blackberry Desktop Manager software and now Nintaii is starting from level 1 again. I thought ok fine...I quickly solved the first 25 levels and then when I came back in the game I'm back at level 1 again. I've tried a few times and the game will not resume anymore.

    I believe it's because the sync said it was removing unrecognized module nintaii160.cod which I thought was ok since I'm running version 1.6.1 but that seems to have screwed it up as far as resuming the current game. It also occurred to me that I had just reached the final level so I thought maybe there could be a bug after you get there.

    I couldn't get the forum page to load on the mobigloo website so I posted here for ideas. Anyone else seen this?

    02-13-09 01:47 PM
  2. Gilrock's Avatar
    Well since no one else helped me including the developer who never responded to my email I had to solve this myself.

    I used the Blackberry desktop manager to remove the application and then re-installed it and now it works again and will resume the game.
    02-18-09 11:28 AM