1. bbroad25's Avatar
    I know people keep asking this, and I know it's all speculation, but does anyone know when the next official Verizon 9550 OS will be release? I'm on 713, and it's fine, but hoping for a newer version. I saw that 983 and 1015 were leaked, but I'd rather not void my warranty...

    I've tried both plugging my phone into desktop manager and trying wireless update, but they both tell me 713 is most up to date. If I'm missing something, please help me out, thanks!
    11-11-10 10:15 AM
  2. howarmat's Avatar
    i can assure it will not be today.....that is all that is known
    11-11-10 10:26 AM
  3. StaticFX's Avatar
    983 was not aleak.. it is an Official (just not from Verizon). 1015 is a leak.
    11-11-10 10:34 AM
  4. bbroad25's Avatar
    thanks for the info. if i were to download 983, where would i get it, and would that void my verizon warranty?
    11-11-10 10:38 AM
  5. howarmat's Avatar
    yes it would still void VZW warranty since its not VZW official
    11-11-10 10:40 AM
  6. RHChan84's Avatar
    Yes it will void ur warranty but u can just wipe and install 713 back. I have used both .983 and .1015 and I like 1015 better. Faster and smoother. Been on it since it was leaked and still feels good. .983 did have a slightly better battery life but not enough for me to downgrade.

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    11-11-10 11:06 AM
  7. Krypto's Avatar
    Clarification... It won't void your warranty, however Verizon will not provide support for a device using a non-Verizon OS. All this means is that if you have a problem with the device, be sure to install a Verizon official OS before taking the phone in for assistance. OS .1015 is much better than .983. More stable, smoother and overall better, but if you aren't experiencing the robotic voice issue in .713, I wouldn't bother upgrading. Both were on par with eachother. Note, both .983 and .1015 do not have properly functioning bedside modes, although this glitch can be resolved fairly easily.

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    11-11-10 11:46 AM
  8. DTritcakDST's Avatar
    Get 1015 its great

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    11-11-10 11:47 AM
  9. SpaceLump's Avatar
    Yes, you missed deleting the vendor file and using apploader.exe
    1015 with the bedside fix is awesome if you don't play open gl games.
    11-12-10 08:57 AM
  10. central150's Avatar
    I had horrible keyboard lag when typing out an email text or bbm on .1015. I had to go back to .713.

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    11-12-10 01:12 PM