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    Hello everyone, I've been a lurker here for a week or so since I got my Storm.
    First off I loved my phone when I first got it, and now with .141 it's amazing. I even prefer it over iPhones, which I was so convinced that I just had to have.

    Anyways, I've seen tons of complaining about how "terrible" the Storm is.
    This makes me wonder, "instead of going on a forum full of people who love their Storms just to complain about how terrible the phone is, why wouldn't I just bite the bullet and pay the 30 bucks to return it to Verizon?"

    Seriously talk of class action law suits???
    If you hate the Storm so much, why not take it back and get a Curve?

    I understand it's frustrating and pretty costly, but if having a phone is such a life or death matter, I don't see why it's so impossible to just take it back.

    Idk maybe I'm just crazy for putting up with such backwards technology () but I love my Storm.

    Hopefully my first thread wasn't to pointless for you guys, but I'd like to hear your perspectives regarding all the Storm bashing.

    Anyways, this forum is great, and I look forward to more discussions with everyone!
    05-15-09 01:06 AM