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    Ok I purchased a used 9530 Storm, due to my curve went swimming. I am an AT&T customer, I have a family voice plan, with family unlimited messaging, and was using data on a pay-per-use. Hardly used the data other than checking the weather. Anyhow, i bought this phone used, got it unlocked, and did your CrackUtil system to get all the functions available. Most everything was working. I added to my plan the data plan to my phone which was only $10 more a month since I had the family unlimited messaging, it isn't a BB Data plan. Im not too concerned with using the email function of this phone, but would like to usa the internet capabillities if possible. The WAP-Media Net works, but the Browser will not connect, it says "there is insufficient network coverage to process". I've tried a few of the items listed in the forums for the "edge to EDGE", but it hasn't worked yet, it is still shows "edge".
    I have v5.0.0.328 (Platform
    Service Books as follows from your down load:
    YP VPL 9000
    BB Internet Bbrowsing Service
    IPPP for BIBS
    Browser Config for 5 Click
    IPPP for 5 Click
    Media Mall - Music ID, Tunes, Streaming Music, Cellular Video, Themes, Applications, Multimedia, Graphics, Games, Shop Tones, Music, & Community.
    MMS Transport
    WAP2 Browser Config
    WAP2 Transport
    WAP Push Config
    Wi-Fi TCP/IP Browser
    Wi-Fi TCP/IP Transport
    BBFS2 [KEYNEGO] [BBIM] [BBIM Config] [YHO]
    BB Maps - NA

    Not sure if any other info is needed, let me know. I really like this phone, love the large screen and keyboard, sure hope someone can help, my eyes are crossed looking through the forum.
    Thanks for your help.
    06-08-10 01:25 PM
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    A Blackberry Data Plan is needed for you to be able to use the internet. If you add the right data plan then you will go from edge to EDGE.
    06-08-10 02:06 PM