1. bly18's Avatar
    I have on my storm right now and my phone freezes and is slower than ever...since you guys are pros...anyone have a link to download a newer better one?? which one should i go with .103 .106 or .109???

    And can i just go straight from 99 to one of those or do i have to get one before the other...once again my problems with 99 is speed, freezing, and screen randomly going black when i receive a text...

    anyone got an answer for me? thanks
    02-23-09 04:05 PM
  2. neolantis's Avatar
    i have no problem with 103.
    you can install in any order, so, yes you can go straight to 103 from 99 or any other.
    Link for all OS's
    Blackberry OS
    02-23-09 05:11 PM
  3. ArmaK's Avatar
    I recommend trying the .103 or even the new .109 OS. I use to run .103 on my storm before installing .109 today and didn't experience one freeze or random reboot. Also my app memory for my storm started around 45.5 MB with a reboot, by the end of the day it would be 38.6 MB and by the end of the week it would be around 27.3 MB.

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    02-23-09 11:38 PM