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    Just recently got my storm and unfortunately can't get a data plan anymore.
    I was taking a look at the free slide to unlock application and decided to put it on my phone Missing it from my old iPhone
    StormSlider OTA Download
    So theirs the app link...
    Like I said before, I haven't got a data plan so needed the JAR and COD files to install via phone.
    Blackberry OTA downloader - BlackBerryForums.com : Your Number One BlackBerry Community
    I used the above OTA downloader and obtained the JAD and COD files.
    Copied them to my phone, then went to Media, explore, and ran the JAD file. I received an error - "907 Invalid COD". Spent a lot of time googling this and no solutions worked for me.
    So I went and got this software Create-A-JAD – Free App to Easily Create BlackBerry OTA Installer JAD for COD Files – BerryReview
    Created a ALX file. Tried installing it through Blackberry Desktop manager and received an error that the application isn't compatible...

    I've finally come to these forums as a LAST RESORT! Please HELPPP!
    Any help will be GREATLY appreciated...
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    Come on! Surely SOMEONE has the answer ?!?!?!?!!
    04-09-10 03:28 PM