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    So i got a replacement storm for my dusty one, first made in canada and new one in mexico.

    The first one ran pretty much flawlessly, no hiccups, small accel lag, and basically never crashed from day one.

    New phone had a much stronger click but it seem to run into various lag issues, occasional clock timer pop ups, and resets...maybe once or twice a day.

    Both ran official os 0.75.

    What was different that i remembered about both of them was the battery. New Battery was 1380 (mah min) and the other one sayd 1380(min) 1400(mah) [or something to that extent].

    I'm wondering, maybe the battery could be causing all these hang ups? A sudden overload of memory and the batt can handle the charge, so the CPU slows causing reset? What do you think, i'm going to see if the other battery helps later.
    01-20-09 01:17 PM