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    so i get my replacement yesterday and 30 minutes after, i have the same problems with the new replacement phone the only difference is the screen doesnt feel as sturdy as my last storm and it started to have problems imediately after not after a few weeks like with the original storm. These are the problems i encountered with the original and now in the replacement, (At the moment i have the video camera bug where it won't save the recording or when it does play the recording saying it is of an unsupported format. I have read that this is a bug that will eventually be taken care of (Hopefully). I also just noticed this bug and it is really urking me. Anytime i got the the bb menu and go to the options and save, even if nothing is changed, i can no long bring up the options menu once again without a battery pull.), except the video recorder is now a smaller res and i don't know how to change it. hopefully third time is the charm.
    12-31-08 07:32 AM