1. jeffruby's Avatar
    Very weird. After adding ringtones and movies I can only see them using the explore function in media program. Why can't I see media using the media organizer (blue screen ). The only way I've found to make it reappear is to move file to another area, then put it back in eight folder

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    03-05-09 09:43 AM
  2. shanepark2's Avatar
    I'm pretty sure this works for ringtones, but not sure for movies.
    1. Plug your phone into your pc.
    2. On your pc, navigate to Computer/blackberry/home/user/ringtones
    3. Delete BBThumbs.dat
    4. Do the same for movies (Computer/blackberry/home/user/movies)
    5. Unplug and reboot phone. The thumbs.dat files will regenerate and shoud update the folders to show the files.

    hope it helps.
    03-05-09 10:50 AM