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    Hi, I bought a used BlackBerry Storm over Craigslist and am very pleased with it so far. Ive been lurking these forums for the past few hours and have found out that to get optimal performance on my Storm it would most likely need a hybrid OS and to have the app memory at least 40 mb.

    Im not sure what OS my BlackBerry, all I know is that in the Help Me! screen it says the platform is and the app version is

    My app memory boots at around ~27mb, so I would like to know how to improve it, but if you want to help me out try to include a step by step for noobs like me.. Thanks!
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    If you are new to BlackBerry devices, do yourself a huge favor and use your device as-is for a least a week while continuing to browse the forums. Read the BlackBerry 101 Tutorials under the BlackBerry Help button. And use your device. Installing a hybrid (or any OS) is not trivial, but it will be much easier if you are familiar with your device and how the OS works. You'll also have a much easier time understanding the help people give you.
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    I second that... stay away from hybrids until your VERY familiar with your phone's OS and very familiar with the loading procedures for official and leaked OS's. 419 is a great OS for the 9530. Hook your phone upto desktop manager and remove some of the optional things that might be currently on your phone (IE asian language support, perhaps that crappy wordmole game, BB maps if your not going to use your GPS, ect, ect) lots of app memory can be easily found from removing non essential (or non essential for you) options from your original OS. Welcome to crackberry, read up
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    app version is

    My app memory boots at around ~27mb, so I would like to know how to improve it,Thanks!
    .419 is your OS version.

    Regarding your app memory, this is based on the number of apps your phone currently has installed. To be in the 40+mb zone, you pretty much would not have any apps and / or Themes. I currently load @ 32mb with a theme and at least 10 apps / games and back up themes.

    I do agree with both above, get used to your Storm you will thank yourself later when you enter the Hybrid Zone.
    05-14-10 08:16 AM
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    As an additional heads up, the 40MB suggestion was with the old 4.7 based OSes. With the 5.0 OSes, you'll have plenty of memory with 25MB or higher after a battery pull.

    And as the others stated, make sure you actually know what you're doing before loading a hybrid. You should also know what to do if you brick your phone. This isn't to scare you and say that hybrids will brick your phone, but things can go wrong and you need to know how to fix it in advance or you could end up with a dead phone for quite some time.

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    I have 16apps and 1theme pretty good sized apps too, and boot at 33 usually doesn't go below 25, I'm using ooak hybrid 692 over 591.

    If your not comfortable installing device software and shrinking the Os and reinstalling and restoring, I would keep reading until you feel comfortable. There's a ton of tutorials just search for updating Os or installing hybrid and shrinking. And re read what you read

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