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    Hi forum. What's up?

    Okay, so, I recently acquired a BlackBerry Storm 9530, I believe.

    Before I go further, I did (extensively) search the entire web for related articles and forum posts, and I've finally resorted to asking the question, also because, of the incomplete answers I garnered, none are dated less than 6 months ago, so, perhaps a refresher might be due.

    First question (this is the easier one): I'm not a noob, but I have no idea how I did this: I changed all the icons in any of the menus to large icons, that take up the whole screen. The icons used to be like the icons on the home screen; tiny and side by side to each other. Now, they're no longer icons.

    For example, if I hit the games icon from my desktop, it opens a screen where Games is listed as a file-folder tab, and then each games takes up the whole screen, as an entire massive block. Only 1 option/block at a time takes up the whole screen (most of the screen; save for the time, date, network & battery bar)

    How do I change this back so I can see all the tiny icons side by side?

    Second question: I came from using a Motorola ROKR E8. I don't have a data plan, but I do have unlimited mobile browsing. I get the impression, through some of the articles I've read, that I can still browse the internet as I did on my Moto; just no BB applications.

    Is this true?

    2a) If that is true, I installed opera onto the BB via PC. I run it through the downloads folder. It asks me if I'm going with Opera accessing the internet; it also asks me if I'm going if it accesses the opera site. It then gives me an error message and to check my settings.

    I've done a bit of research, and I believe I may not have the right APN settings. I currently have the address as internet.com. Is that correct?

    Should it be that address that my moto first connected to? It had 'wap' in the URL...

    I'm not a noob, I just need some clear concrete answers and directions. If someone could please help me, and give me some instructions, I'll be happy to follow them through.

    Thanks guys.

    Here's to BB (and down with Apple!)
    09-04-10 02:31 PM
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    thanks for aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall the responses =)
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    09-06-10 02:31 AM
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    I got the fix. Do what I did with my 9530. I lifted the corner of the couch, put the 9530 under the shorten leg to level the couch, then went and got me an Android Incredible.
    09-06-10 03:17 PM
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    I got the fix. Do what I did with my 9530. I lifted the corner of the couch, put the 9530 under the shorten leg to level the couch, then went and got me an Android Incredible.
    I am not sure that I would want to take advice about a technologically advanced device from someone who cannot even purchase a couch with even length legs!
    09-06-10 05:43 PM
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    Are you running a theme other than the original Zen theme. If so, try changing back to the original theme and see if it makes a difference.
    09-06-10 05:44 PM
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    Well, if your going to use vulgar language against us...I don't think that's going to get you anywhere. I would suggest reading the manual or if you dislike the device, get another one.
    09-06-10 05:53 PM
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    Techno friends don't let their friends get Blackberrys. Level couch or no level couch.
    09-07-10 05:14 AM
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    To change the grid layout back, go into Options>Advanced Options>Accessibility> and then change the grid layout to default. Since you said you dont have a data plan Im assuming you will be unable to use Opera browser.
    09-07-10 05:46 AM
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    Knowing where you're located (country) and who your carrier is would help to answer the data question.

    On most (US) carriers, you WILL need a Blackberry data plan to use most of the features on the device. I don't believe the mobile browsing plan works for web access via BlackBerry. If you had a wifi enabled model, you could still use the browser and certain apps over wifi, but the 9530 is pretty much nothing more than a paperweight/dumbphone without the added BIS plan.
    09-07-10 10:37 AM
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    Also, you made your post on a Saturday of a holiday weekend...be patient. Many of us actually have lives away from the computer as well.
    09-07-10 10:42 AM