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    Hello every one.

    I have been watching and reading threw post on here for a few months now on the Storm and I finaly recived my this past week end. Now not only am I new to the Storm (obviously since its new to canada) but I am a stranger to the BlackBerry in general. Only every had the free phones you get with a 3yr contract and a Krazer (my last phone).

    Now I am just wondering where is this online user guide is? I asked the lady when I picked the phone up where the book was that kind of tells you how to do every thing but she told me it was online...

    Also can any one give me a quick hint as to where i can download music and also this "data" plan I have does that include me downloading music? or do i pay extra for that?

    Sorry for being so needy, just I am so lost with this phone right now but it is cool none the less I just want to be able to use it to its fullest (or more than just the txt msgs and phone calls)

    Also these updates, what are they for?
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    Here is the link on Blackberry's site for the Storm User Manual: BlackBerry Storm 9500 Series - Manuals and Guides

    You should also check out the Tips & Tricks post in this forum.

    Don't know about Telus' data plans so I can give any input on those questions.
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    Thank you for that, exactly what I was looking for.
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    no data plan will let you download music for free - there are copyrights in place to prevent that.

    I have telus with the $30 data plan and I never go over, i can out all of my music from my computer on for free but if i use telus' music application to donwload music i would be charged whatever it is saying per song.
    12-23-08 04:57 PM
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    thanks again
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