1. jakecannon's Avatar
    Hello all,

    I just bought a used 9530 from someone and want to get it unlocked to use overseas in Turkey. I just registered at berrymods.com to see if the free unlock code is legit, is it?

    What is the best desktop manager version to use with an unlocked Storm in another country?

    Anything else I should be aware of before I begin my journey?

    Thanks guys n gals. CB FTW.
    08-19-10 11:41 PM
  2. willie498's Avatar
    I wouldn't bother at BerryMods...

    Let me be honest with you, I used this website BlackBerry 9530 Storm unlocking by unlock code order form. Free BlackBerry 9530 Storm of SIM restriction.

    Best service, only took me 7 minutes for my Bold. It looks like crap, but honestly, It's completely secure and legitimate. When you put in your IMEI, just put in the numbers, not anything else like the "." and whatever.

    Desktop manager.... Erm I think that 5.0 is good IMO, But you can use 6 if you want (I don't use it though).

    Just be aware that not all features sometimes work properly with a unlocked phone. For Example: 3G Service will most likely not work, And so your only limited to EDGE (Which is still good)

    Blackberry's are best with internet, So if your not going to get internet, You might as well get another phone.

    Good Luck!
    08-23-10 12:35 AM