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    I've been searching around looking for the best app based on posts that I've read on here and the jury is still out !! Someone suggested that I pay $20 for a DVD converter off of handango...there are a few to choose from and I don't know squat about DVD converters. I do know that I would love to have the same quality as the Babylon A.D. movie trailer...is this possible ?? same goes for music..I want to put some tunes on my storm, but still unsure how to do that. If I get slacker would that be better because it wouldn't eat up memory on the storm ? or would it not make a difference ? I just want to make sure I get the most out of my storm...thanks
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    Wow. Ok first of all app for what???

    Do not pay for any software for DVD or movie conversion. Just google "how to put DVD's on my computer" or something like that, there are hundreds of free software which will convert DVD's, movies, to whatever format you want six different ways. DVD Decypter and DVD Shrink when used together will put DVD's on your computer in one file...you'll have to google the details, I haven't done it in a while.

    To add music, connect your BB up to your computer, first making sure "mass storage mode" is enabled under: options - memory (on the phone). Just drag music into the "music" folder on the media card which will show up on your computer as a drive. Same goes for movies, pics, etc.

    Slacker does allow you to listen to music without having the music on your phone memory since it streams songs from the internet. Plus it's free, so you might as well try that. You can "cache" stations on Slacker, and that will then save part of the stream on your media card (for when you don't have network coverage) which THEN will cost you some memory, but not much.

    Spend a week on this site and you will know more than 90% of Storm users.

    Whew, sucks I'm not getting a post for this. Next time put it in the main forum lol.
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