1. Pagerdr1's Avatar
    Fellow CB's, I still am running my original Storm from date of launch. Initially, whenever a new Leaked OS was posted I would always upgrade immediately looking for improvements. After I installed .83, I have been really happy overall with it and sort of had the "if it ain't broken don't fix it" attitude. So now I feel I am ready for another Leaked OS upgrade since nobody really knows when the next Official release will be or what it will be. So, here is my question...

    What OS should I go to from .83?? It seems like for the most part from my reading people like .99 the best overall for out of what is currently available. Although I have seen quite a few people liking .103 and now I see there is a way to make .106 work with the 9530 but I am really unsure at this point. What do you guys think/recommend?
    02-16-09 03:41 PM
  2. kennyl10's Avatar
    .99 has been the best overall for me. I went to .103 for about 2 minutes. it seemed to lag to much over 99. I have had very few lockups and think clock lookin things with 99. Thats my vote so far. I think they are makin a hybrid from 106 and 103 now. Im gonna give that a try for sure.
    02-16-09 03:53 PM
  3. mikestorm's Avatar
    Like the previous poster, I have version .99. I have yet to install .103 and probably won't since there aren't enough improvements from .99.

    If you're coming from .83, however, I'd go with .103. No more people are having lag/lockups with .103 then they are with .99. You're either lucky or your not, so all things being equal, go with the latest and greatest
    02-16-09 03:57 PM
  4. DJYoshi's Avatar
    i've had nothing but stability as the builds came out. the os got more and more stable...battery life extended...and the speed increased too. i'm on .103, and for me it's been the best build yet.
    02-16-09 03:59 PM
  5. ThaqAtaq313's Avatar
    Every OS is different you have to just find your nich. It is hard to say which is the best I just made a .106 hybrid..and it is great for now (not complaining) LOVE IT!
    02-16-09 04:08 PM