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    Hey Folks,

    I need some help, I've got a Storm 9530 from Telus and I've been having low reception problems, finally I discovered that my internal antenna was broken (and no not the ribbon cable part, the actual antenna wire going from the mainboard to the ribbon cable connector), and I've been trying to find a antenna, Ebay seems to have a few, however they are all from Asian sellers, and they all have them listed for the 9500, tour and bold, I think, but they defienently do not say anything about the 9530. The picture of the antenna looks exactly the same as mine, but after contacting one of the sellers, they told me it was not for the 9530, somehow I'm thinking the language barrier and their lack of product knowledge is an issue, can anyone tell me for sure whether or not that the antennas listed for those above phones will work with the 9530? I've got three Ebay auction #'s if anyone is interested in having a look at them to get some further insight. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Auction #'s:


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    06-24-10 10:02 AM