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    I've been lurking here for awhile now and in December 08 purchased my first Blackberry. I just have a quick question, Im sort of a newbie when it comes to Blackberrys, so please be patient with me. My question is I recently downloaded the new OS (.109) to my computer, and want to upgrade my phone but I also want to save all of my blackberry messenger friends, contacts, emails, apps, etc, if I upgrade will it delete all this stuff? Do I need to back it up? If so can someone explain to me how to back it up on my computer? And is it too late to back it up if I already installed the new OS?

    Thanks in advance for any help guys.
    03-05-09 07:31 PM
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    ya you need to back it up just in case you do lose your info (which is rare, but sometimes happens) during upgrade
    1-just run desktop manager
    2-click on backup/restore
    3-click backup
    4-save your backup somewhere that youll know where to access it... i just made a folder on my desktop called bb backup but anywhere works as long as you know where you saved it.....

    once you have backed up all your files the next thing you need to do is....
    open up my computer, open up C:\ drive than program files n than common files n than research in motion n than app loader n than loader.exe n select the files u want to keep n deselect the files u dont wanna keep n click next... after you click next itll have 2 options... 1:keep your data.... 2:dont keep your data... make sure you select the option to keep your data.... n than itll wipe your phone n install the os n than bring back all your contacts bbm contacts emails sms's options 3rd party apps etc.
    P.S. the backup from desktop manager doesnt backup 3rd party apps... if you wanna back them up there is a sticky on how to do this on the OS Beta forum for the STORM section... which is where you posted this thread so if you wanna backup your 3rd party apps read that sticky n follow those directions as well....
    if you have any more questions lemme know you can jus reply to this since you cant PM me yet
    03-05-09 07:41 PM