1. CPColley's Avatar
    I haven't seen this problem in any other thread so here it goes.

    I originally bought all of these ringtones on my storm 1, now that i got a storm 2 a couple of months ago these ringtones wont work/play. I keep getting the message invalid tone/format or error when playing. I formatted my media car thinking that would do the trick but didn't. Can i get these ringtones to work on the storm 2 or no?
    05-02-10 05:41 PM
  2. adambigge's Avatar
    Download audacity. It's free. Use it to re-encode all your ringtones to mp3. Then reload them. Now not only do you have working ringtones, you can just make your own and never pay for a ringtone again!

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    05-02-10 05:51 PM