1. hurleyguy182's Avatar
    yes, i was wondering if anyone knows where you can order a lcd screen for the storm. I have searched google and i come up with allot of the specs(3.2 inch) and problems(dust) but..

    i just want to buy one and install it in my storm! the one i have is my third storm and it has dust in it and i think im not elegible for another storm since its my third.

    if you find a place to purchase just the lcd screen of the storm, post the link here
    01-28-09 10:55 PM
  2. GPLANCE's Avatar
    None at the moment. Typically, you'll see the replacement LCD and TOUCH SCREEN companies slowly trickle their supplies in on sites like eBay. I imagine this is just around the corner. I will contact RIM and find the screen manufacturer for further details and post a response
    01-28-09 11:01 PM