1. nickg4442's Avatar
    My blackberry storm 9500 has been acting odd lately. What happens is i will be on it and if i use it to long (texting, e-mail, internet, but not music and videos only when using those three things)or load to big a page it will die and reset everytime. Also it can have a full battery and when it is done resetting then it tells me i have 0%. However if i pull the battery out then when it is done resetting then it tells me i have normal battery life as in however much it had before minuse 1 bar. It doesnt do this when on the charger so i believe it may be the battery. Please help me out so i dont have to spend hundreds for verizon to tell me to buy a new one.
    Thank you,
    07-25-10 04:47 PM
  2. 2Tx1503's Avatar
    use your manufacturer's warrant if you still got it... or if you pay the 6.99 or whatever for a warranty then use it.. if not then go to vzw and get a new battery or find it on ebay or craigslist..
    07-26-10 01:54 AM