1. Kap Swift's Avatar
    First off my problem :

    My Storm will not turn on, The battery died on me last night so I went and set it on the BB dock, went to sleep thinking that it would fully charge over night. I wake up this morning, and I can't turn it on at all. I tried pulling the battery but nothing happened. So I think I didn't place it correctly on the dock, than I go and place it on the dock, the LED light flahes red. I leave it on for an hour, I try to turn on the storm just to see if I got any messages, and it still doesn't turn on.... does anybody have a clue what is wrong? do I need a new battery or a new storm? HELP !!!!

    Now for my question :

    As a mentioned above, I purchased the official BB storm docking station. Every time I go to charge my phone it freezes. Is this normal? Why doesn't it do that when I charge it with just the charging cord?

    Thanks in advance for your help and comments...
    01-11-09 08:57 AM
  2. Hophead's Avatar
    First lets see if we can get your phone going again. For now set the cradle aside. Have you tried charging that battery with just the wall charger? If not, try that and repost.
    01-11-09 09:12 AM
  3. Kap Swift's Avatar
    ok I think I figured out the problem. I was using the USB to micro USB cord that connects the storm to my computer, and a USB to wall plug adapter to connect the dock for a charge. I used the charger that came with the storm to charge and I finally get a picture of a battery and a lightning bold over it ( obviously it means it's charging ). The reason I was using the other cable and adapter to charge was so I could disconnect the USB fro the charge adapter and plug it in to my computer when I needed to. I guess I'll have to change the wire connecting to the dock when I sync it to the computer. Maybe that's why it kept freezing on me when I docked it.....
    01-11-09 09:24 AM
  4. davisjj's Avatar
    ...and, no, having the dock freeze your phone is not normal.
    01-11-09 09:24 AM
  5. Hophead's Avatar
    Glad you figured it out.
    01-11-09 09:26 AM
  6. Kap Swift's Avatar
    thanks for your time
    01-11-09 09:32 AM