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    I have learned a lot for all the questions and answers. I also tried a Search for an answer and found nothing.......so, my problem is I want to make a phone call and click the green phone button and my camera comes on. If I click it twice, I get where I need to be. Click the red to hang up and the camera is still on. I have done the battery pull and I got the same thing. I went to "options" to see how the side button was set up and it was set as "default camera". so I turned it off and that's where I sit now. If I reset the side button back to camera, I still get the camera activation with the green button. any idea's.

    one more thing, I have a second verison 9530 (turned it in once) and running .75.

    I hope you can help or it's back to the Verizon store.
    02-23-09 09:20 PM