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    Hey all. I am going to have this post deleted. Sorry, just didn't search correctly to find my answer.

    So once .148 came out on VZW I connected to IE and installed .148 (.181).

    I have been battery issues so I wanted to completely wipe and reinstall. I downloaded the VZW 148 .exe and installed it.

    When in DM I have two options:
    Blackberry 4.7 (Preferred) -and-
    Blackberry for 9530

    I doubt there are differences but I wanted to ask... thanks!
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    The two are the same, one is comming from the internet and the other is on your computer. The 148 is the version number and the 203 is the release number. If you look over to the right on 203 you will see that the version is 148.

    Disconnect your computer from the internet and you should only see the version on your computer.
    06-01-09 08:13 PM