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    Here’s my first post!
    A little resume of my experience with the Storm up to now!

    Keep in mind that I’m on a Blackberry Enterprise Server and that we have policies that can not be change. For instance I’m not even able to update the OS version until it’s been tested in our environment.

    For those that have a Storm on BES, Please if you have any other view or comments share them with me.

    My word on the Storm 9530 from Telus
    Storm OS version:

    People seem to have a harder time to ear me when I’m using the Strom Handset. They ear me better when I’m on Speaker Phone or on my BT
    Hand free device.

    By selecting the letter and pushing the screen in (SurePress) gives me a lots of typos, it even tries to figure out my words and then insert them once I select “space bar”. I then have to delete half of the word and re-type it witches is a waist of time. Yes you can disable this feature under Options/Language/Edit Input Language Options and uncheck “Auto Correction”. For my self this is what I’ve done and I’ve enable “Spell Check Email before Sending” witch you’ll find under Options/Spell Check.

    Note: I’ve notice that while tipping an email and receiving email the device will sometime freeze for a few seconds. Hope that issues is fix with newer OS version.

    For the Browser at first it was pretty much the same as the World edition 8830 problem. So I was able to go on Intranet but Internet was not accessible. Now a few weeks later I’m able. I was also able to browse within the web site no problem. Once in a while I will get an error message “Your request page as time out” but not often. I’d say the Storm is the most user friendly for the Browser on a Smart Phone that I’ve tried anyways! You can click anywhere on the page and you’ll zoom in, makes it easier to read or select links!

    To take a picture the Camera works fine, it’s a bit slow to take the shot but we still have to keep in mind that it’s not its main function. I’ve notice that if a picture is taken on Portrait View and if you flip the Storm on Landscape view to tape a name for the picture you’ll most likely end up with your screen freezing with half a keyboard on Portrait view and the other half on Landscape view, if it dos not completely fix it self after a minute you’ll have to press the Escape key or the End/Power key witch will take you back to that camera and your picture won’t be lost but saved with there default naming.

    Video Camera:
    Often when Taking video clips and trying to play them I get this error message: “The media being played is of an unsupported format”

    How come RIM don’t already put a media that support there own format, witch is 3GP, a simplified version of the MPEG-4? Again is this issue fix with a newer OS?

    Now I tried to save those short movies with Roxio for Blackberry/Media Manager to my hard drive and got this error message “An error occurred while transferring file”.

    I tried the Video Camera a few days later and had no issue at all, so was it corrupted files?

    Little issue with the BT, just like are BT keyboard that we are testing, it disable it self too often most likely because of are policies, so I have to go under Manage Connection/Bluetooth Option and enable it back to be able to use my BT device witch is a bit annoying when it happens while your driving! But when it’s already enabled it work like a charm!

    So after using the Storm for a month and half my personal opinion is that I don’t see clients, like I have, that are tipping emails all day long using this device without getting frustrated with the keyboard, not the best Smart Phone that I’ve had to type an email. The screen freezes a lot too! I had to take out the battery probable three, four times to remediate to a frozen issue. Witch will likely generate technical support from my part and or request to go back to an other model. Besides those issues the Storm is fun and entertaining, high resolution 480 x 360 pixel color display that supports over 65,000 colors on a 3.25 inches screen!

    Again if you have any other views or comments please share them with me.

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