1. thpsr's Avatar
    I just came from the store that handles all of my company's wireless phones(an authorized Verizon agent, not a company store). I was with our sales person, whom I have known and worked with for several years, for about an hour looking at the Storm. Bottom line - he recommended against getting one, at least right now.

    They have sold a large number of them since they opened this morning, but he already has some of them coming back and he has spent a good bit of time this afternoon answering phone calls from unhappy customers that had purchased one earlier in the day. They had also issued the Storm to all of their salesmen and he told me that most of them were complainng about the performance.

    Several customers bought one while I was there and I found it interesting that they immediately gave all these new customers the instructions to download the OS upgrade from BlackberryForums.com. I heard one person say "you need to download the OS upgrade to get the phone to work right".

    I left without one. We agreed it was a great idea and it will be a great phone, but he convinced me to wait until at least one or two upgrades in the firmware and OS.
    11-21-08 02:11 PM
  2. cp1224's Avatar
    There is no OS upgrade on BlackberryForums.com The upgrade there is for Vodafone.
    11-21-08 03:03 PM