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    I stopped messing with all the leaked os's around .99 (before the hybrids). My best luck was with .86, In fact I was having zero issues, seriously zero and running the apps in my signature. I would start on a reset at around 52mb. The phone would run for around 2-3 days between resets. Never pulling the battery due to freezing. Just because of lag, Infact I just expect the lag and pull the battery every 3rd morning when I was getting ready for work.

    I never really added any new apps. I removed Notnow (it wasnt working correctly) and added the new version of slacker. Weather bug has been installed since DAY ONE, so im not pointing my finger at that , BUT it did recently start working better? But any changes were all over a month ago. The only thing I have been doing is switching between my storm and curve on the same line of service ( dissconnecting one and activating another and vice versa)

    So now after a battery pull, I start at 44mb. After a half a day I drop to around 30mb. I slowly drop the the 19-23mb range and notice it acting really sluggish.. WTF it has been acting soo well for so long... Maybe I had a bad load of some files on the last device switch?

    Any Ideas

    Or possibly (from Sith or CX mainly) what is the most Stable Os or Hybrid out right now? I hear alot of contradicting info and dont have time to mess with it. In fact, I have to switch to the curve till I can figure this out...

    Thanks in advance!
    02-22-09 01:12 PM