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    1. When I unlock the phone VZNavigator appears as the active application. Regardless of the phone's condition when I locked it. It is random though, does happen all the time.
    2. Accelerometer sometimes becomes unresponsive and does not adjust the orientation, requires a phone restart to fix. Other times it is very responsive (in a good way).

    1. No way to manage files on the device. I have to plug it into my computer and then browse the memory from My Computer.
    2. No memory management
    3. Camera is slow and images are awful!
    4. GPS doesn't work for Google Maps and other programs, not sure if this can be fixed with a new version of GMM or if Verizon has locked them out...
    5. Blackberry Maps is too slow to be useful
    6. Lag in everything


    1. Document To Go works amazingly. It flies through large PDFs and PowerPoint, indicating the true performance and potential of this phone
    2. Speaker - Load and clear
    3. Internet Browser - Exceeds expectations
    4. VZ Network - Huge upgrade from Alltel
    5. Email and Messaging - Works very well
    6. VZNavigator - I will probably spend the $10/month for this
    7. Battery life - Mine has been great so far
    11-22-08 04:28 PM