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    I was talking on the phone around 11:30 last night before I hit the sack, and my phone would randomly jump to speaker phone. I was in kind of a weird position, so I thought that my ear may have been taping the screen ever so gently, and activating the speaker phone option.

    However, when I pulled the phone away from my ear I noticed that the screen was all pixelated and jumbled... It wasn't even like it was messing up the image that should have been on the screen, the entire screen appeared to just have random colors all over it, scattered, each pixel a different display than the other... There was a lot of pink...

    Anyway, Once the image came back I noticed that although I was still having the conversation, the phone itself was unresponsive, i couldn't shut off the speaker function, and the time for the call had stopped counting up... After about twenty seconds it would start responding again.

    This happened two times in a 35 minute phone call. This is my second storm, and I am running .75 os version I believe. (i will have to double check.) My first storm didn't do this at all, that just had a screen with a screwed up refresh rate.

    has anyone seen anything like this, and is there a way to fix it?
    02-24-09 08:46 AM