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    These are items that I have noticed and I'm wondering if it is just my phone or if others are experiencing any of the following. Please respond if you have noticed/experience any of these items.

    1) Are you guys using blackberry media sync to sync your itunes? It seemed to have fully sync for me and the files are on my storm sd, but the media/music app doesn't find all the files.

    2) Is your dimming feature kind of finnicky? My phone seems to dim and brighten on its own whim. I'll be sitting in the same place and it will brighten and dim a few times.

    3) I'm getting some lint in the speaker that i cannot get of the grill. I haven't noticed it around the screen yet. Anyone else?

    4) Is there a quicker way to enter in a username and password on the internet, that I am missing. I type in the username. then it ok. then type in the password. then hit ok. then hit submit. It just seems like a longer process than it should be to log into a website.

    5) There are a few apps that I cannot seem to close out of (they are always on my running apps list). I actually have heard from some that this is running apps and from some that it is recently used apps. What's the verdict? I don't mind if phone or messages, etc. are there, but stuff like blackberry messenger that I don't even use. Also, you really have to close out of like every menu page? Seems like this process could have been streamlined a bit.

    6) What are various ways to improve battery life? I know keeping bluetooth helps. What about GPS? Anything else?

    7) I have the post-soft lock, accelerometer issue. The screen won't rotate if I just came out of lock. I heard the new firmware update will solve this problem. When is the update expected?

    8) Is there anyway to have the soft-lock make a noise when it locks. It seems to take a couple seconds before it starts to lock so sometimes I can't tell if I got it to lock or not.

    9) Where is the best place to get wallpaper? What are the "must-have" apps?

    I think that's it for now. I'm sure there will be more.
    11-24-08 08:02 PM
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    I will help you out on a few of these, but you gotta search around. There is plenty of info on here:

    1) I use media sync - worked great. Keep in mind that DRM protected itunes songs will not be able to sync and can only be played on ipod/itunes

    2) You can turn it off.

    3) nope nothing

    4) use your finger to set focus instead of hitting ok - make sure the remember me is checked on some sites

    5) some will always run with BB. Not sure about the close out

    6) bluetooth, GPS, screen light, vibrate will all drain battery. Also in a bad service area..set it to 1x so it will not look for better service constantly

    7) search on this

    8) no idea

    9) search on this
    11-24-08 08:08 PM
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    1) yeah, i only had about 5 songs itunes-protected songs, but am missing about 300 from my library.

    thanks for the input though.
    11-24-08 08:13 PM
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    1 what he said

    2 take auto dim off

    3 Yes I have gotten some lint stuck in my grill (lol, sounds funny / ghetto). use tweezers if its bugging you and you think its gonna get through

    4 I click on each field and when im done just click on the next... so for me its "click, type... click, type... then press enter". I also selected "remember me" and when I clear out my history I leave the cookies but everything else goes. Keeps your browser nice and clean and still remembers you

    5 There are 5 or 6 apps that all run and dont stop. Its a feature of BB actually.. so there are never load times / it always quick to access these apps. There are other threads discussing this. If you dont like BB messenger and will NEVER use it, you can uninstall it to remove it. Thats about all you can do with that.

    6 having bluetooth and gps off helps as well as taking off auto dim. Also, lower your screen brightness and that definitely helps. I'd say let your battery fully die and then fully recharge 2-3 times (your choice) and then charge whenever after that. this should help it hold the charge better.

    7 Some thought the update was coming today... either way it will come soon (thats relative)

    8 This might be possible if you knew how to edit the BB OS / get into their registries. I have no idea how to do this and there are currently no themes available. It might be a feature in the future but I do not think that is possible at the point. I do know you can enable a "tone" under keyboard settings so it beeps whenever you push a button etc but to me its annoying and not worth enabling just to have your lock beep at you to know youve actually pushed it.

    9 Id say any iphone wallpaper site. If you have used MSpaint (or any paint program) you can resize them to fit the dimensions for your phone. you need 380, not 320 (in width). Height is the same I believe. This thread has a ton of wallpapers... some already sized for the phone and others are iphone size
    11-24-08 08:28 PM
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    1) yeah, i only had about 5 songs itunes-protected songs, but am missing about 300 from my library.

    thanks for the input though.
    Try moving them over in smaller batches. I moved over playlists of 60-80 a pop and everything came over.
    11-24-08 08:41 PM
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    6) I do not recommend letting the battery run down. This use to be true - but not for Lithium batteries . . . take a look at this

    How to charge - when to charge table
    11-24-08 08:44 PM