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    UPDATE: I checked my e-mail today AND I HAVE A TRACKING NUMBER. I guess complaining and threatening get's you far with verizon. I ordered past 2 pm on friday and I should have mine by Monday or Tuesday

    Like many people here I have waited for this phone since June and when Friday came around I was excited like no other. I went to the local Verizon store asked if they had any. They said yes BUT their whole retail computer "system" was down as was the verizonwireless.com so the wait was estimated to be 3-4 hours. I said the **** with it and waited for 2 hours or so. Two hours later with no storm in my hand I left. I got home tried verizonwireless.com and tried to order the phone for several hours to no avail because of the site being stuffed with traffic. Finally around six o' clock I was able to make an order but before I called the online sales support just to make sure that if I found a storm in a store that I would be able to cancel my online order and buy it from the store. The rep I spoke to said "Yes, we will even note on your account that you're thinking about canceling the order". So that night ended with an order placed for a storm that may not even ship until December 5th. Now today on the 22 I call all of the Best Buy's in my area to see if they have them, only one did. I rushed on over there sat down at there mobile department with a damn storm box right in front of me. The lady puts in all of my information and get's the error:"The ESN/Mobile already has an order in process. Please call blah-blah-blah for further assistance. So I called the online support to cancel my order as I was told to if I had found a storm in store. The rep said I can't. I'm infuriated at this point and have my call escalated to a manager/supervisor. They flat out told me it is impossible for an order to be canceled once it has been processed. I call back several times to see if there's anyway I can get the upgrade to go through and just send the damn thing back once it comes in the mail. The second manager I spoke to said the warehouse people do not have work Saturdays and my order may not be canceled until Monday. I pretty much cursed everyone out on the phone and hung up. So now I must til Monday for this stupid hunt to continue.

    ps I'd read through this to make sure it made sense but i dont feel like it
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    sucks ... should of camped out like me lol haha jk good luck
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