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    Moral of this really long story. (There is a fix for everything to get things back to normal if you are patient and don't take a hammer to your phone and you search the stickies on this forum before you upgrade and ask for help when you need (it in that order).

    Well I finally upgraded to .148 from .132. It was an adventure to say the least,. Caution on where you get your download for .148 OS. I first downloaded it from a link in the forums and installed just like normal thru apploader. Well I got the 507 code error DOH!
    but hey no prob. since that's the code for a wiped phone just start the install again right? Well half way thru the next install locked up my PC and phone
    (Now banging head on keyboard and counting backwards from 10 no may need to go from 50), yicks!
    Had to reboot both PC and BB (insert angry dog growl here)!
    Then got the dreaded 502 code hehe which means not finished can't finish start over again(Head banging on table trying not to blowup phone and PC,lol). Here comes the interesting part unplugged the phone it rebooted and OS came up but without themes yep you read that right in themes it was set to default...wait for it...(None)
    (About now has vision of launching phone on a rocket). Everything was really basic text and really tiny sketch icons and white background but phone was working for calls and menus? Well shoot couldn't keep it that way tried a reinstall still crazy generic text and icons.
    Ok (genius thought, haha yea right) just Downgrade back to .132 no prob. right?
    Well had zen theme and everything back to normal for one battery pull (just one little ole pull) and poof cheesy text and icons no theme, lol (mind thought now is to drown my own head into a bucket of beer), lol.
    Ok figured what the heck I was in a (tackle) it mood anyway and can't screw it up much worse so went to blackberryos.com and downloaded .148 from there. Interesting note the first one I downloaded before was 137mb and this one was 107mb oh well just leaner. Installed it and poof everything running back to normal well almost everything themes, icons, text.
    What was not normal is Man this phone just went into turbo boost.
    Memory over 50 for the first time in 6 months of owning it. Maxed signal way stronger then .132.
    For me scrolling is smoother and faster.
    Browser slightly better then .132
    I know some have had a prob with QL I can't explain it but mine works just fine even better control then with .132

    Thanks to all here at CrackBerry and BlackBerryos who have helped everyone including (me and brand new runnin Storm we now can have a long and meaningful relationship.)
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    05-26-09 07:11 AM
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    congrats and glad you are happy
    05-26-09 11:50 AM
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    Can you provide a link to the OS that worked best for you?
    05-26-09 12:01 PM
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    I would but not sure if CrackBerry would like it if I put a link to another site.
    My .132 I had was fine I got it here. My .148 I just loaded I went over to BlackBerryos.com it is in there OS discussion for the 9530 stickies new releases for the storm.
    05-26-09 12:57 PM
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    Great story.... great sense of humour! Thanks for sharing!
    05-26-09 12:59 PM
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    I know every storm reacts different, I've had three, but I am sure where you download from can affect how reliable it is
    05-26-09 01:20 PM
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    Well the main reason I used blackberryos to download it was point blank easy to find and the Admins are the ones who set it up there on a sticky. Here I had a heck of a time finding .148 cause it is not on the official beta sticky or I just didn't see it there and was uncertain of the first download I used that it wasn't somehow corrupt. I know there is probably a .148 here that is fine just like my .132 but since it wasn't on the main sticky OS beta official felt more comfortable the files would be intact if it was there.
    05-26-09 02:38 PM